Our top-rated partners will get you the right coverage

Our top-rated partners will get you the right coverage

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The Problem

Finding the right provider is difficult

Imagine spending months architecting your internal systems and looking for an insurer that understands your needs and can slot into what you built. It can take upwards of a year!

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The Solution

Look no further than our vetted partners

When you decide to use LULA, you can skip past having to find insurers that fit. Tap into our network of insurers who trust and know our systems, and get back to business right away.

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Product Benefits

Easy to Use

Everything you need to manage your insurance products is easy to access, use and update on your personal dashboard.

Instant Document Generation

Key documents like policies, certificates of insurance and insurance cards are instantly generated at the click of a button.

Seamless Reporting

No more endless excel sheets. With Lula, any adjustment you make to your policy is seamlessly reported to your carrier.

High-Quality Support

Our platform has all of the power, none of the fluff. It’s built to be easy to use and when things go wrong, we’re here to help.


“At Oxford, risk selection in most important when choosing our insured partners, Lula’s underwriting platform and process made that decision very straight forward for us. Oxford will continue to support Lula’s shared mobility platform with new and innovative insuring solutions.”

Shelly Duhaime

Oxford RMG

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Lula consolidates all the tools you need to easily and effectively manage your insurance.

Claims Management

Claims Management

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